B "It's Scotsman my brother" - Gordon
The flying Scotsman

The flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman is a large engine.


  • The railway series Book: Enterprising Engines.
  • TV Series: Season 3: Tender Engines (cameo).


  • The Flying Scotsman is one of the few engines in the Thomas and Friends Series, to be based Entirely on a Real life locomotive.
  • The "Real" Flying Scotsman, holds the title of the first Steam Engine to reach 100mph.
  • The ERTL Flying Scotsman, is just a remake of Gordon, this is rather Ironic seeing how Gordon is the Flying Scotsman's "Brother".
  • The ERTL Model of Flying Scotsman, is missing his second tender.


  • Ertl (No longer produced)
  • Thomas Wooden Railway (Re-produced by Fisher-Price in 2013)

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